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Management Development

Traditional approaches to promoting staff to management level often means our best administrator, chemist, operator or warehouse person is given a position of increased responsibility to manage others, a role which they may not be naturally comfortable with, or particularly skilled in carrying out effectively.

Recognising the need to equip managers with appropriate management skills, CQM T&C developed a highly practical, business focussed, Management Development programmes which has been regularly deployed by our impressive portfolio of clients to successfully develop 1000s of managers across the UK.

It was designed for industry to be practical and realistic

  • The training is backed up by on site coaching to “show how”
  • We engage with line managers to ensure that appropriate support is provided to trainees
  • Training is reinforced with work based activities
  • The timetable for the training allows implementation of learning between modules
  • A specific business enhancing project, agreed with management, provides measurable improvements to the business
  • Learners can relate the training to their work environments

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Click here to download our typical approach to a Management Development Programme.

Click here to download our specialist Food Management Development brochure.

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