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Achieving Continuous Sustainable Improvements

Implementing and sustaining Lean Six Sigma is the key challenge upon which CQM T&C focus and we have a practical, no nonsense attitude whatever your current level of performance.

Working closely with our clients we identify the key business issues that need to be addressed, develop clear aims and objectives with you, so that we can ALL measure the success. We design an implementation programme, tailored to your requirements that will produce the measured financial impact and behavioural changes you are seeking.

If required, we will use your training materials and approaches (or a blended approach thereof) to ensure our team becomes an extension of your team.

Our highly flexible, uncomplicated approach means we pass on our knowledge to your workforce ensuring the skills and continuous improvement processes are embedded with them and don’t disappear when our team finish on site.

Our approach is not a quick fix solution. It will need a strong commitment from your management and an investment of time. In return you will see significant financial rewards, improved teamwork, more effective communication and behavioural change as typical outcomes.

Guaranteed Return on Investment

CQM have been helping businesses to implement Lean Six Sigma since the middle of the 1990s. Our impressive client list is testament to our successful approach and ability to consistently achieve sustainable and significant measured savings.

So confident are we that you will make dramatic improvements, we will guarantee that you will achieve a Return on Investment at least equal to your investment, and will work tirelessly to ensure this is the case.

We are always happy to call and see you to discuss how we can help can transform your business and support your development plans. We can do this using a number of means:

  • Full Fee recovery projects designed to give you a healthy ROI.
  • Fully Funded and Part Funded qualification led programmes of Lean/CI development
  • The CQM ‘No Saving No Fee’ approach implementation – you don’t pay us a portion until the savings can be linked to EBITDA (this wlll always involve a more detailed scoping up-front, but potentially bring much greater benefits)

We are happy to also offer a combination of the above methods of support. Payback for your investment will be swift – all you need to supply in quantity is Management Commitment.

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