When CQM T&C decided to offer Qualification based training for the employees of our client organisations in 2008, we wanted to deliver a range of meaningful qualifications that would have an impact;

      • On the lives of the learners that we developed.
      • On the business performance.
We didn’t relate to qualification delivery across the UK which had become a tick box exercise with little lasting impact.

This is why 4 years later OFSTED identified our qualification delivery as being “Outstanding” and an “example of best practice”.

Some of the qualifications we deliver can attract a healthy level of funding, which can go a long way towards supporting the costs of your Lean implementation or management and leadership aspirations.

We deliver a range of specialist qualification supporting the development of industrial and management skills; including the implementation of process Improvement, six sigma, leadership and management as well as sector specific qualification to the food industry. Some of our most common qualifications are:

      • Food Manufacturing Excellence - Level 2 to Level 4
      • Improving Operational Performance - Level 2 ((Business Improvement Techniques)
      • Operations Quality Improvement - Level 3 (Business Improvement Techniques)
      • Food Management Skills - Level 3
      • Team Leader - Level 2 to Level 3
      • Management - Level 3 to Level 7
      • Customer Service - Level 2 and Level 3
      • Business Administration - Level 2 and Level 3
      • Managing Safety - IOSH (4 day)
      • Operating Safely - IOSH (1 day)

We also have a passion for developing youngsters; so in addition to the adult QCF and Advanced Apprenticeships we deliver, we also help organisations develop their future management talent pools by recruiting and developing young apprentices.